The special quilombola series Na raça e na cor – In the race and in the color aims to make visible the struggle and the resilience of quilombola communities in Brazil through a discussion of territoriality, race, and gender.

In a period of two months, the series will present a little of the history of these communities, illustrating the quilombola’s struggle and resistance all over the country front the systematic violation of the rights from the experience of quilombola communities in the West of Pará, where it stands out the articulation of quilombola women.

Organized by the Federation of Quilombolas Organizations of Santarém (FOQS), the quilombolas promote a series of activities that aim to strengthen the struggle of their communities for the recognition and enforcement of their right to the territory.

As a guiding thread of this mobilization, In the race and in the color  wants to contribute with the emancipatory fight of the quilombola movements through reports, articles, interviews, testimonials and graphic materials that discuss the quilombola way of life, social organization, cultural and political through discussion about territoriality.

The project is an initiative of Terra de Direitos in partnership with the National Coordination of the Articulation of the Quilombolas Rural Black Communities (CONAQ), organization that for 20 years, has been representing the quilombola communities of 23 states of the country in the struggle to guarantee a collective use of the land and the fulfillment of human rights, and the FOQS, an organization that represents 12 communities remnants of quilombos of Santarém.

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